The cheetah is for me one of the most fascinating animals on the planet. The body shape is unique in the world of cats and no other animal on land can reach such a high speed. The characteristic black lines starting under the eyes down to the corners of the mouth remind a bit of tears.

Unfortunately Asiatic cheetahs really don’t have much to laugh about. Every single day means a new fight for the survival of this severely endangered subspecies.

In 2008 I was travelling with my friend Stevey and he said to me that he would like to visit Iran. Unfortunately the news never tell anything about the beauty of this country. Otherwise there would have been no doubt.

But after some online research I knew that this country is the home to the last Asiatic cheetahs in the world.

This country offers a variety of habitats where you can find also brown bears, hyenas, gazelles, wolves, leopards and many other species. Unfortunately most of them are endangered like the cheetah.

The Asiatic cheetah is critically endangered with less than 70 individuals left.

I wondered if there are people who care about sustaining this species.
And YES there are!

In 2001 a zoologist named Dr. Mohammad Farhadinia founded together with other Iranians the ICS (Iranian Cheetah Society) to dedicate themselves to protecting these animals and other endangered species in Iran.

After some very friendly emails I had a very good feeling about this Society and I decided to visit them in Iran.


We flew from New Delhi in India to Tehran and thought we can find a place to stay when we arrive. But we didn’t even have to look for it. Already at the Airport in Delhi we met Fariba from Tehran who studied in India. She invited us straight away to stay with her family.



A few days later we caught up with Mohammad Farhadinia and some of his colleagues. We got invited for lunch and decided to meet again after a couple of weeks to see other cities in Iran. Back in Tehran Mohammad and his wife Fatimeh took as for a trip to the Caspian Sea and into the mountains. On the way we were allowed to have a look into the work of the ICS.


 I would like to dedicate this website to these wonderful people who work so hard, passionately and convincingly for the conservation of the last Asiatic cheetahs. I hope with your help we can manage to support the work of the ICS. Every donation, it doesn’t matter how much and every word spread makes a difference.



Beautiful Esfahan


A volleyball game in Tehran