Event: Four Cheetah cubs on a Charity Trip

Four Cheetah cubs on a Charity Trip

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go ...

Marita, Kushki, Delbar and Otji are starting their journey around the world. Every cheetah is wearing a collar with their name and following information around the neck:


Thank you for taking me on board. I am travelling in the name of the last Asiatic cheetahs in the world. Please let me stay with you for a little while and take a picture with me when you go somewhere new.

Publish the picture on Facebook, Twitter or send an email to natalie@cheetahsalive.org. You can find all information on www.cheetahsalive.org. There you can also visit my Travel Logbook and see where I have been and follow my travel around the world.

It is very important that you let me travel with another person you trust once you took a picture so I can tell the whole world.


About The Event

The idea behind this project is to let as many people as possible know about the last cheetahs in Asia. 3 of the four cheetah cubs are named after Asiatic cheetah cups who lost there mother because of men and were not able to survive in the wild. Cheetahs learn everything they need to know in the first 18 month of their life from their mother.

Their names are Marita, Kushki and Delbar. The fourth cheetah is named after the cheetah capital of the world in Namibia: Otjiwarongo and short Otji. You can find their stories here.

These 4 travelers are given to a person we trust who will travel in another city or country. This person has to choose another traveler to give the cheetah to. Everyone who took the cheetah somewhere should take a picture together with the cheetah or just the cheetah alone and send it by email, Facebook or Twitter to me with a little description or a story about where the picture got taken. CheetahsAlive will then publish this on their homepage so everybody can follow their journey on the travel logbook.

The Iranian Cheetah Society needs support to continue their work. With their engagement there is a good chance that we still have cheetahs alive outside of Africa in the future.

The more people knowing and caring about the wonderful wildlife in Iran we can together achieve the goal to make sure the cheetah will not get extinct.