Event: Published Article in “Wir Kinder”, Germany

Published Article in “Wir Kinder”, Germany

Published Article in “Wir Kinder” about the Asiatic cheetah Marita who tells her sad story.

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In this article Marita tells the story of her life. On a hot summer day in August 1994 she was looking with her mother and her two brothers for water and food in a village. Her mother got chased away and her two brothers got shot. Game guards saved her life.

Marita lived nearly ten years in Pardisan Park in Tehran, where she became the subject of filmmakers and wildlife enthusiasts who loved to see the only captive Asiatic cheetah in Iran, since it is difficult to see them in the wild. Marita died in 2003 at the age of 9, leaving her fans and friends heartbroken.