Event: Cheetah Day in Landau Zoo, Germany

Cheetah Day in Landau Zoo, Germany

Cheetah Day in Landau Zoo where the director does a lot for endangered species world wide.

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July 2009

About The Event

A full day  in the zoo with face-painting, drawings, a treasure hunt, a stand and three speaches. We were lucky with the weather and even the TV passed by for an interview. It was a good day to spread awareness.

The Zoo in Landau spreads the word about endangered species. The director Jens-Ove Heckel was happy to let us do a cheetah day about the last Asiatic cheetahs in his zoo. He himself is very interested in the very rare cheetah in Sudan. Just recently the zoo successfully managed to get offspring which is extremely difficult in captivity. This is an important step forward in research.