Cheetah Cubs

Marc John-cub exploring

It takes about 90 to 95 days until the female will give birth to 3 to 6 fully furred cubs. Results in Iran showed that it might be only 1 to 4 cubs with the Asiatic cheetah.

To avoid other carnivores notice the scent the mother uses a dent out of long grass or a bush to hide for the first 8 weeks which she will change in the meantime. The first 2 weeks she will stay in the first one. In this time the cubs will open their eyes. After that she will change her hiding place every week.

Marc John-cub hiding

Despite the fact that they get milk from their mother for the first 6 month of their life the cubs will start already after 10-14 weeks with the art of hunting. For that purpose the mother brings alive food, mostly a juvenile which they have to manage to fall over. For starters the mother will kill the prey until the cubs master the throat bite.